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Welcome to the ultimate resource for finding the best cool burning smoke grenades for the sport of paintball! Smoke grenades are an excellent addition to the gear bag of any serious scenario or milsim paintball player. Smoke grenades can be used for a variety of purposes including covering a fast retreat, signaling your team, or confusing the enemy. Paintball-SmokeGrenades.com is your resource for find the best pull ring cool burning smoke grenades on the market!

When buying smoke grenades for paintball its important to get a quality, reliable, and SAFE smoke grenade. DO NOT EVER use smoke grenades that are hot burning or shoot flames or sparks... In other words dont buy anything that is military surplus or made in china. These products are very likely to start a brush fire. Of the companies we have found selling smoke grenades for paintball, most have been selling either outdated orange smoke which is hot burning and dangerous or cheap Chinese firework grenades... not only are these dangerous, they simply dont perform well at all. The following are places where you can find high quality, cool burning smoke grenades that are in fact appropriate for use on the paintball field:


Current list of cold burning smoke grenade suppliers:


1) Sport Smoke

Sport Smoke Tactical Smoke Grenade for paintball and airsoftAs of now your best choice for cold burning smoke grenades is www.sportsmoke.com. I have used Sport Smoke products and they are the real deal. They are made in America and perform extremely well. I suggest their Battlefield Grenade... this thing really packs a punch and lasts for about 3 minutes.